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NEW CANNIBALISM. Listen if you dare, this is not for everyone. Some grim examples and questions, what would it take for you to eat another human? Even cannibals in Fairy Tales.CLICK BELOW
Energy and the Universe. Brexit the good, the bad, and the completely messed up. CLICK BELOW
An ecclectic look at life in Arizona USA by an eccentric Brit, that would be me! CLICK BELOW
Global warming, Climate Change and those pesky chem trails in the sky CLICK BELOW
Overpopulation is it an issue? Life found on Mars, and are Octopi alien in origin? CLICK BELOW
Near Earth Objects, Comets, Asteroids and Meteors, when will they hit us? Cannabis in the UK and our history of selling opium. CLICK BELOW
Ghosts, have you seen one, why not? All about Ghosts and where they come from. Another update on Novichok, sad that people are getting hurt but a good example of how the dark system works. CLICK BELOW
The New World Order, what is it, who runs it, and how does it affect you? CLICK BELOW
The Moon Landing, did it happen or was it a hoax? Dark Matter and Dark Energy, what we know so far. Local News - Rushden Town Center. CLICK BELOW
Dreams. What they are and how the mind works and creates them. Comments on dream interpretation and significance. CLICK BELOW
Climate change from a British perspective, plus some local consequences of warming. CLICK BELOW
NO MORE MUSIC - Sadly, I have discovered that due to licensing rules, in order to continue with the provision of audio files on this site for FREE, I must edit out the music. I completely understand that musicians should be rewarded for their efforts, and I am complying with the licensing rules..
Marathon Part One. Cryptids revisited, updates and perspectives. CLICK BELOW
Marathon Part Two. UK, atomic history. From the split to the nuclear deterrent. CLICK BELOW
Immigration, but not human! Invasive species, what they are, how there are affecting Britain, and what will happen in the future. CLICK BELOW
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Atlantis and Lemuria, where did they come from, and who are they? CLICK BELOW
The Knights Templar bloody history, other Knights orders, and the search for the Holy Grail. CLICK BELOW
UK Surveillance and the seeming slow but continuing decline of British rights of privacy. CLICK BELOW
Interview with Dr Heather Yates covering paranormal and spiritual perspectives and her world travel experiences. CLICK BELOW
The theory of Conspiracy Theories, the Mandela Effect, Fake News, 911, WMD etc. CLICK BELOW
A perspective of Megalithic structures, was the crystalline structure of the stone blocks significant, how did they manufacture and then move them, and who actually built Machu Picchu and the Great Pyramid? CLICK BELOW
BEER. Did ancient beer come before bread? Was beer responsible for the change from hunter gatherer to farmer instead of aliens? What has Marmite got to do with this? CLICK BELOW

Interview with Renalta, a renowned Rushden Psychic and Clairvoyant. Covering her growth as a psychic since her childhood to her current abilities, and her teaching and workshops. What is it like on the other side, how does communication work, what happens when we die and more? CLICK BELOW
FOOD. The Tongue map theory. Where do foods come from? UK Favourites, facts and fun. Some foods you may not like. Curry, types and hotness. CLICK BELOW 
Discussion with Dr Heather Yates, green space, NDEs, entities, the other side, deposession, and other paranormal. CLICK BELOW
UFOs and Aliens 2, updated information and evidence. Multiple sightings and crashes, what are aliens like, where do they come from? Current state of the community and disclosure. CLICK BELOW
WAR CRIMES, but not theirs, ours! Details and history of war crimes committed by the 'good guys' with some major ones from the past, and then right up to date. CLICK BELOW
OCEANS and SEAS. The dark and the light of the watery world. Information about some of the problems, and many fun facts and perspectives. CLICK BELOW
COSMOS. From the Big Bang to the Big RIp. How it all started, how it works, what is out there, and how it all will end. CLICK BELOW
COMMONWEALTH. Do conspiracy theories give us a clue to the future of Britain and the Commonwealth, expecially in the light of BREXIT? CLICK BELOW
CUSTOMS and TRADITIONS of both humans and aliens. A light hearted and fun look at the way we  and they do things, and why. CLICK HERE
MONEY. How does money work in the UK and how is the system set up to suck it out of the population. How the City of London works, and a little bit about how Brexit fits in with this. CLICK BELOW
INSECTS. How did they evolve, were they really that big, what is their future, and how does that effect us? CLICK BELOW
The ANDYWHY Show, Saturday 19th 9PM on BRR. WATER - Does it have a memory, can you fuel a car with it, do we have enough for our growing population? And more. CLICK BELOW
DOGS, why do we love them so much and what do they think about us? Why do we have robot dogs, virtual dogs, talking dogs and more.  CLICK BELOW
A conspiracy rant, followed by mushrooms and toadstools what's the diff? How do they plague and torment us? Which ones are just magic, and mush mush more! CLICK BELOW
Alternative Healing, medicine, modalities, mindfulness and more. Is it on the NHS? Is it pseudoscience, and what is that? A whole world from ancient times is available, why do we not embrace it? CLICK BELOW
Sweets, yes, sweeties, candy, suckers, chocolate, even gibbers? Some stories and history, the Cadbury's controversy, USA take over, and what about those Flake adverts? CLICK BELOW
DRUGS. Which ones are legal, which are illegal and why? What is the conspiracy around cannabis and could our government be behind it? What's the DEAL? CLICK BELOW
CREATING THE FUTURE. AI and Robots, are we the ones that are programmed? Did I choose to be where I am, and how to chose which direction to go? Positive thoughts and how to make them manifest, and change. CLICK BELOW
 TIME. Big bang to big rip, human clocks, black holes, 4D, Movies, Time Travel, Past lives, The End of Time. CLICK BELOW
BRITISH BUSINESS, the British Empire is dead, long live Great Britain! What happened to our great manufacturers, and whether in or out of the EU, how can BRITS change to succeed in the future? CLICK BELOW
TOXIC TERMS and WEAPONISED WORDS. Persuasion vs. coercion, Fallacies, Bias, Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda, Government Pressure, Democracy, Sovereignty, and Psychology. CLICK BELOW

MARTIAL ARTS - Why did we need them, Marquis of Queensbury, Mixed Marial Arts, what and why so popular, UK martial arts. Morris Dancing and Sherlock Holmes. No touch Arts, the infamous Dim Mak, Touch of Death. CLICK BELOW
HUMANS and ANIMALS. From the Ice Age to the human migration from Africa, to cave paintings, and the human adoration of our animal gods and friends. CLICK BELOW
BRITISH MILITARY and MORE. Why are we where we are, why do we need to keep increasing it, does the nuclear deterrent even work? Is the Special Forces group the Increment real, what are we fighting for? CLICK BELOW